NBC 5 Investigates: Crumbling Sidewalks Cost Taxpayers Millions


DePaul graduate student Pari Cruz looks through photos on her mobile phone during an NBC Chicago field reporting trip. (Photo/Brianna Kelly)

The Chicago Stumbler worked with NBC 5 Investigates to document poor sidewalk conditions in the city for a March 17 story the channel aired. The DePaul student journalists used smartphones and Google Glass to document the sidewalks and post them to the Stumbler.

NBC Chicago investigative reporter Chris Coffey used public documents to confirm that the city has spent $18 million to repair sidewalks between 2008 and 2013 but also paid $6 million during that time to people who’ve injured themselves on poorly maintained sidewalks.

Video: The NBC 5 report on Chicago sidewalks

Story and video: Coffey writes about the injuries and how the Stumbler documents the sidewalks. DePaul instructor Mike Reilley talks about why he and the students founded The Chicago Stumbler.